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Our clients are very happy with the services we provide them, and many have found considerable improvement in their sleeping patterns and energy levels since coming to us for help.

I made the call to Breatheasy Services in the beginning of 2010. The reason for calling is I had been experiencing extreme daytime drowsiness for a number of years that was escalating to the point where I would fall asleep in the middle of the day driving, while watching television etc. I also received numerous complaints of loud snoring and stopping breathing while sleeping. My ankles and legs were also swollen which I would later learn was caused by Oxygen deprivation due to my severe sleep apnea condition.
Following my night testing I brought the test device back to Breatheasy and received prompt and professional service. Once the test data was read, I was set up with a test CPAP machine in order to calibrate what pressure I needed to maintain an open airway during sleep. At that time I was also given elaborate and complete counselling on how to use the device and the principles behind how it worked and the causes of sleep apnea.

After One night with the calibration test machine I was set up with my own CPAP machine and given thorough instructions on how to operate it and maintain it properly.
It was the first night with the test machine that I realized the true scope of my problem and how easily it could be overcome. I immediately went from literally seeing every hour of the clock and never needing an alarm to wake up to sleeping through the night and needing an alarm. I felt more rested than I had felt for years and my snoring went from unbearable to non-existent. Within a week the swelling in my legs went down and I was staying up later and feeling more rested and energized in the morning. It has been less than a year now and I have lost over 70 pounds which I attribute to having more energy and less cravings for sugar and other foods which I needed to stay awake. My blood pressure has also dropped significantly which I attribute to both the weight loss and no longer being oxygen deprived. The CPAP machine has literally given me my life back and for that I owe a great deal of gratitude to Angela and her staff at Breatheasy Services for their level of service and professionalism.

I also encourage anyone who has experienced symptoms such as mine to be tested by the folks at Breatheasy Services. Their professional staff and commitment to satisfaction is to be applauded and the benefits of a good night sleep are truly priceless!

Thanks again…
Brian Kingston, BSc. Eng. BSc. For.
General Manager, Kingston’s Group

My CPAP has really changed my life in a positive way. I feel more rested and I don’t feel sleep deprived like I used to. I used to have a chronic sore throat too and CPAP has eliminated that. - Erica Pyne

Before CPAP I was unable to work at all, now I am able to work 12 hour shifts driving transport. I have an inverter in my truck and use it every night.
Thanks for your help. - Jeff Brophy

I’ve been using CPAP since 2003. Sleep better & feel better. Can’t sleep without it.  - Norman Gallant

I now sleep at least 7 hours every night without waking up. I feel better in the morning and have more interest in work, friends, family and recreation.

Thank you,

Ron Morrison

This is to thank you for the CPAP machine which you have arranged for me, to combat my sleep apnea.  I have now been using the machine for almost 3 weeks.  I cannot begin to tell you what a change it has made in my life.  I am getting between 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night.  When I awake, I am rested and ready to go!  There’s no snoring and no tossing and turning.  Even my attitude towards life has improved.  Now I don’t take any naps during the day and stay up later at night.  I can’t thank you enough!  I now wish that I had tried the machine two years ago when you first diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea.  I tell everyone I meet (even people I don’t know) what a wonderful change has been made since I got this machine.  Thank you again and keep up the good work! 

Rev. Gerald Sarcen

I was feeling draggy with zero energy. Since I started wearing the machine I’m not tired during the day. I feel much better with no chest pain and I’m not up during the night.  What a big difference it made in how I feel during the day. I also lost 35 lbs since starting. - Laurie McFarlene

Angela Thomas, RRT, CRE - Registered Respiratory Therapist
 8 Church Street, Miramichi, N.B. E1N-1S9 
Telephone: (506)773-7001(506)773-7001   Fax: (506)778-8524
Email: breatheasyoffice@gmail.com

Covers an area from Richibucto,Tracadie and Doaktown.

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